AC2000 Automatic Labeling Machine

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This model is designed for labeling cylindrical container which is difficult to stand(usually diameter 10-20mm, length 25-95mm);if the diameter is more than 20mm, it will be usable to make slight modification on the existing basis of the machine
Model AC2000
Power supply 1PAC220V50/60HZ750W
Air pressure 2-5 kg/cm2
Applicable container diameter ¢10-¢20mm(need to customize if out of range)
Applicable container length 25-95mm(need to customize if out of range)
Applicable material adhesive sticker
Applicable label range L(25-70)xH(20-75)mm
Space between labels ≥4mm
Label scroll Inner dia 76mm, Outer dia 280mm
Direction of label scroll clockwise
Labeling speed 0-200bottles/min(depend on the length)
Labeling precision ±0.5mm(except container error)
Table height 900mm
Machine dimension L2000mmxW700mmxH1650mm
Machine weight 250kg