Automatic flaps folding carton sealer with corner and side

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These two machines are suitable for automatic I-shaped sealing of cartons of various specifications at the same time, without manually adjust. It not only saves labor but also improves efficiency. The machine extensive use in Food, Medicine, Cosmetics, Toy, Electronics, Print and other industries.
H type sealing: Automatic folding and sealing machine is matched with automatic four-corner sealing machine to form automatic “H” sealing.
Intelligent adjustment: Automatic adjustment of machine width and height according to carton specifications, suitable for carton sealing of different specifications at the same time.
Beautiful effect: the sealing result is smooth, standard and beautiful.
The machine works efficiently and saves manpower.
The automatic sealing machine is easy to operate, economical and durable, safe, and has the lowest failure rate.
Machine Model YK05Q+YK09LQ
Sealing speed 300-360 Cartons per hour
Suitable for cartons size L320-500mm×W200-500mm×H180-500mm
Table Height Min.H500mm Max.H750mm
Machine dimensions L3000×W2100×H1580
Use Power Supply 220/380V 1ф -3ф  50/60Hz
Air source 6kg/cm3
Scotch tape W48mm/60mm/70mm x Length 1000 yards 
Machine weight 730KG